Primary School Book Bands and What They Mean

Many primary schools use book bands for age groups to help easily identify both fiction and non-fiction books for specific reading ability.

The History of Schools in London

As well as being the capital of England, London is a 21st-century city with history stretching back to Roman times. The education sector is massive in London with a lot of historic schools and colleges. 

Daily Tips to Help Teachers Stay Happy and Healthy

The health of teachers is one of the most important aspects for both themselves and even for the students, due to a happy teacher, providing effective and positive learning. Read this blog for a daily guide to happy, and healthy teaching.

Top 6 Homework Tips For Parents

In times gone by it was usual for families to gather around the dining table in the early evenings to enjoy a meal together and talk about the day’s events. It was also the perfect opportunity for a parent to answer any questions their child had about school homework. This blog discusses the top homework tips for parents, including how positivity makes a massive difference and how to set discipline.

Why is Planning so Important For Effective Learning?

If you want to create effective learning in the classroom, then lesson planning is essential. In this blog, we discuss the many benefits that planning provides and how you can use it best in the classroom. 

Refocusing Your Students After the Holidays

As many schools get ready for the start of a new term, teachers of all levels will be resigning themselves to that fact that after 5 or even 6 weeks of summer holidays when routines have slipped, getting their students to focus in class will be something of a challenge. 

Using Praise Effectively In The Classroom

In either a classroom or any child-rearing situation, there comes a time where teachers and parents must decide which technique they’ll adopt when it comes to teaching the young people in their care; but discipline, or praise, can be more than a carrot or the stick scenario. 

Reasons to Buy From Laburnum House Educational

Laburnum House Educational has been providing books to schools for over 25 years, our core business model revolves around fast and thorough customer service. 

Developing Children's Imaginations With Reading & Creative Subjects

Over the years, it has become distinctly noticeable that broadening the imagination is a vital aspect of creating success within learning for children, especially within creative subjects and English. In this blog, find out what exactly creates the perfect imagination learning curve for little ones.

Everything You Need To Know About SAT's 2019

SAT's are always a stressful time for students, however, in this blog, we have come up with a series of pointers that will help you and your child to understand SAT'S even better, and even more importantly, if they are the choice that you want to take.

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