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How to Keep Your Child Motivated During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Keeping a child amused for longer than 5 minutes is a challenge. Think about the 6 weeks holiday, the first few weeks are great and then the “I’m bored” starts setting in. So as parents, how can we keep our child motivated and productive during this time of uncertainty? 

  • Make sure you are instilling a routine for your children
  • Keep their bodies healthy 
  • Check out what is available online (John Wicks is doing a virtual PE class for free!)
  • Limit screen time
  • Learn a new skill with them 
  • Talk about any worries and anxiety they have regarding the current situation. 

So, how does all this keep your child motivated?


Research states that setting a routine has countless benefits for an individual’s productivity and mental wellbeing. 

First things first, set an alarm. Make sure your children wake up at the same time every day, you could even mirror the same morning routine you all had when schools were accessible. 

Secondly, you could create a detailed timetable for the day that allows time for breaks and games.

Make sure that all topics are being covered from the curriculum, even if your children do not enjoy it as much as a different topic. Science is as vital for a child’s progression as is English, so make sure to include both of these in your routine. 

Keep the bedtime routine the same as always. This instills discipline and allows you to have some well deserved time for yourself. 

Healthy Meals

Eating healthy is vital for physical and mental health in both adults and children. Not only does it keep the immune system healthy, but it also provides children with more energy to stay focused. 

Eating fast food in moderation is okay however, regular feasting on McDonald’s and KFC creates a sluggish and tired child, which hinders their productivity and motivation. 

Cook with your children, try out new recipes, eat lots of vegetables and have fun!  

Mr. Wicks Virtual PE Class

Joe Wicks, also known as The Body Coach, has launched virtual PE classes every day at 9 am on his Youtube channel. 

His motivation behind this is to improve the mental wellbeing of both the children and their parents, he says, 

“I am holding LIVE PE lessons at 9 am Monday to Friday on my YouTube channel for children of all ages. Parents are going to be under pressure next week and for 30 minutes a day I can take over and inspire and energise the kids to get active, bounce around and have fun. You can even join in with the kids. This is going to help millions of children and parents feel happier for 30 minutes and beyond every day.”

To join in on the fun, you can click on Joe Wicks’ youtube account here

Limit Screen Time

Life is busy. No-one expected this. 

Working from home, while looking after children, can be challenging. You need to achieve your deadlines and tick tasks off the to-do list, but children are often unpredictable and get bored easily. It may seem like the easier option to let them play on their phones, tablets or computers. However, this can be unproductive and stunt their learning growth. 

Set boundaries and allow a restricted amount of time for games and technology. Why not download some learning apps or get them to watch educational programmes on youtube?

Technology has evolved to be a great tool to help in the child’s development journey, just make sure it is not being abused. 

Learn a New Skill With Them

Learning a new skill is exciting and extremely valuable.  Create exercises and challenges that children can complete that improves one of these fundamental skills:

  • Problem-solving

Children must start asking why and how to certain scenarios for their personal development. 

Puzzles and scavenger hunts are really good activities to improve your children’s problem-solving skills. Be creative and have fun!

  • Teamwork

This is one the most desired skills that employers look for when recruiting and it must be improved at every stage of their life. 

A really good exercise to improve your child’s team working ability is the marshmallow and spaghetti tower building challenge. They have to build a structure out of these ingredients, as tall as possible, without it breaking and falling apart. 

  • Technological skills

Technology has become a fundamental resource in every single job role. Microsoft Word is as useful in nursing as it is in teaching. Developing these skills at a young age is very advantageous. 

A good activity is to get your child to create a presentation of a topic of interest and get them to present it to you. It ignites passion, productivity, and happiness while improving their technological skills. 

  • Communication 

Digital and verbal communication are both essential in a child’s development. Get them to practice writing messages and communicating their message clearly to you. 

A good activity to improve communication is the cup and string challenge. They have to build a tower as a team, using only cups and string, no hands. They have to communicate effectively to achieve this and reduce the risk of the tower falling over. 

Talk Openly About Their Concerns

Anxiety, stress and uncertainty are high at the moment. No one knows how or when this is going to end. This is a crucial time to ease anxiety in your children for their mental wellbeing. 

Talk openly and honestly, tell them to live in the present and take one day at a time. Keep them busy and occupied and limit talk about it unless they bring it up. 

Things will get better, if we work together, stay at home and be safe. 

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