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Your Passport To South Africa

  • Publisher : Raintree
  • Author : Dr Artika R Tyner
  • ISBN : 9781398250291
  • Lab Code : 2789
  • Number of pages : 32
  • Book Cover : Hardback
  • Series : World Passport

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What is it like to live in or visit South Africa? What makes South Africa’s culture unique? Grab your World Passport guide to South Africa and learn about the customs, traditions, food, celebrations and landmarks that distinguish this amazing country from others. In every book in the World Passport series, readers will experience what it might be like to live in different spots around the globe through vibrant photos, engaging text, unique recipes and fun activities. The series introduces children to widely varied cultures throughout the world, broadening their understanding of how people are both similar and different worldwide.

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Your passport to south africa
Your Passport To South Africa
Original price was: £12.99.Current price is: £6.50.