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 Things About Ancient Egypt

Want to know what happened to unscrupulous tomb raiders if they were caught? How long it took to build the majestic pyramids? How embalmers removed the brain when making a gruesome mummy? Discover all..

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Introduces past civilisations in an instantly accessible way combining facts with fun activities...

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Dams And Hydropower

Using case studies from around the world that showcase both the positive and the negative impacts development projects can have, this title explores the consequences of different kinds of resource man..

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Flaming Olympics

What was the perilous pig chase? Which sport includes the 'naked strangle'? How did Tarzan become a gold medal winner? Find out in this illuminating guide to the games. With 300 quiz questions on ever..

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France Unpacked

This beautifully designed title offers kids an engaging insight into a fascinating country that is France: its major cities, culture, way of life, food, language, and history - all presented in an eng..

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Games: From Dice to Gaming

 Games have existed for as long as humans have wanted to pass the time and be engaged in interesting and fun activities. Read about the evolution of games from simple handmade dice to high-tech c..

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Homes From Caves to Eco-pods


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Investigate And Understand The Age Of The Dinosaurs

From the earliest plants and animals, through the age of the dinosaurs and beyond, this book uses stunning illustrations and expert descriptions to show readers what Earth was like before people ruled..

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Investigate And Understand The Middle Ages

Exploring the stunning cathedrals, towering castles, and thrilling histories of this misunderstood period, this engaging book shines a brilliantly illustrated light on the so-called dark ages...

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