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The success of our efforts in getting children reading confidently and for pleasure hinges a great deal on our ability to recommend the right texts to them. Some children will prefer a funny tale filled with rude jokes, others will find an emotional or romantic story more compelling, while non-fiction books exploring their areas of special interest are often very successful in engaging those children who do not enjoy reading stories. At Laburnum we have something to suit every child from their early reading days right through to secondary school.

Getting started

For children just learning to read, we offer a range of individual fiction and cross-curricular non-fiction titles. When looking for the right titles for your children, you may want to select an interesting range of titles from Raintree’s Engage Literacy series – or browse by primary book band or AR level if those systems are used in your school or setting. We’ve also curated some collections of books for new and early readers to save you time when restocking or boosting your classroom or school library. These include three early reader collections and a range of packs for lower year children of AR level 0.5 and up.

Keeping children engaged

As children progress with their reading you can continue to select books by AR level or primary book band to ensure the titles presented to them match their reading ability while being challenging enough to keep them learning. Don’t forget to offer non-fiction as well as fiction so that every child has a chance to find books they’ll love and even want to re-read.

At all stages of their school life it is important for children to see themselves and their experiences represented in the books they read, which is why we offer a wide range of diverse and inclusive titles for all ages. From the cute and ever-popular Katie Woo and Yasmin series, through rarely-heard historical accounts from diverse voices, to teen reads starring protagonists from marginalised communities, we really do have something for everyone to enjoy.

Different formats are also key to keeping some children reading, and we offer a fabulous selection of dyslexia-friendly books from Barrington Stoke. We also have an ever-expanding selection of graphic novels, which are guaranteed to fly off the library shelves as soon as they arrive!

Reading into the teens

Contemporary publishing for teens offers a really exciting opportunity for readers to explore a wide range of challenging topics and compelling narratives, and we’re constantly adding new titles to our KS3 range to help your library meet demand for the latest teen favourites.

If you want to know more about any of our titles or collections, or can’t spot the book you’re looking for, do contact our customer service team on 01427 811109 or at info@laburnumhouse.co.uk.

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