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The Raven Riddle

  • Publisher : Barrington Stoke
  • Author : Vashti Hardy
  • ISBN : 9781800900486
  • Lab Code : 1133
  • Number of pages : 110
  • ATOS Book Level : 4.5
  • Points Value : 2.0


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Grace’s family are wardens of the Griffin map, using its teleport technology to fight crime across Moreland. And now there’s someone new on the team: Tom Eely. Grace and Tom are keen to get to work, but their first call to a quiet mountain village doesn’t seem to offer many chances to use their exciting gadgets or combat skills. But as the pair investigate, the situation becomes more puzzling. Why are a flock of ravens are attacking the villagers? And are the locals’ tales of a mountain witch really to be believed? Grace and Tom will need all their wit, skill, and courage to solve the raven riddle…

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The Raven Riddle
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