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Bronze Age & Iron Age: Hill Forts

  • Publisher : Raintree
  • Author : Dawn Finch
  • ISBN : 9781474730488
  • Lab Code : 2151
  • Number of pages : 32
  • Book Cover : Paperback
  • Series : Prehistoric Britain


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What are hill forts? Who built them and why? What was life in a hill fort like? Hill forts are walled places that were built during Prehistoric times. These walled places, or enclosures, were built on high ground and had high walls, fences and ditches built around them. Archaeologists believe that there were once many thousands of hill forts in existence while today there are 3,000 of them remaining. They are a fascinating reminder of our Bronze and Iron Age ancestors and give us clues about how they lived and their early building methods. In this book you can find out about why people built hill forts, how they built them, why they chose particular building sites and much more. You can also read in-depth profiles of the most well-known hill forts in the UK, such as Maiden Castle, Danebury and Mither Tap.

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