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The Dragon Prince: Book Two: SKY

  • Publisher : Scholastic
  • Author : Aaron Ehasz
  • ISBN : 9781338666403
  • Lab Code : 2475
  • Number of pages : 310
  • ATOS Book Level : 4.9
  • Points Value : 11.0
  • Book Cover : Paperback
  • Series : The Dragon Prince

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XADIA IS CALLING… The Dragon Prince has hatched! Now the princes of Katolis, Callum and Ezran, along with Moonshadow elf Rayla, have one goal: deliver the defenseless dragon to his mother in the magical land of Xadia. Things get complicated when the High Mage’s children, Claudia and Soren, track down the questing princes. Should Callum and Ezran trust two humans they’ve known forever, or the elf they’ve just met?

In Katolis, High Mage Lord Viren schemes to gain the support of the other human kingdoms, and that of a much more mysterious ally…

The tensions of war between Xadia and the Human Kingdoms are ready to explode. As fiery battles erupt and hidden truths come to light, friendships will be tested, plans will be set into motion, and everyone will face their most difficult choices yet.

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Dragon Prince SKY
The Dragon Prince: Book Two: SKY
Original price was: £7.99.Current price is: £3.99.