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Anglo-Saxons In Britain

The past is all around us, if we know where to look.' This series takes a look at archaeological, structural and museum evidence from around Britain, allowing readers to build up a picture of what lif..

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Collins First Atlas

This first atlas introduces the younger pupil to photographs and mapping of a local area. From this beginning the atlas gradually maps through regional, national, continental and world regions with gl..

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Collins Primary Atlas

A curriculum-supportive Primary Atlas for children aged 7-11 years (Key Stage 2). Designed for use in the classroom or at home, this revised edition includes informative politically coloured reference..

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Dangerous Diets

Did you know that Ancient Egyptian priests ate food that damaged their hearts? Or that Elvis Presley took pills to stay asleep just to stop himself from eating? Throughout history, people have turned ..

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Experiments In Material And Matter

Engaging experiments using simple toys and everyday stuff teach curious young minds all about material and matter. Readers can take an up-close look at the different types of matter, properties of eac..

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Film or TV Show

This title is not suitable for primary age children due to inappropriate content.

Want to make your own film or TV show but don't know where to start? Think you could be the next Steven Spielberg? This book is packed with practical tips on how to make your own film or TV show, from..

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Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate is a successful football manager of the English National Team. But he started as a player for Crystal Palace. Learn about his football history, his wins and his losses...

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Harry Kane

Harry Kane rose to stardom as a professional Premier League football player. Read about the teams he has played for and his key role in playing for England in the 2018 FIFA World Cup...

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Horrible Haircare

Find out how society and culture has influenced hairstyles throughout history. Did you know that Louis XIV employed 48 wigmakers? From wigs to beehives and the Beatles to sideburns, this book uses fas..

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