Key Stage 1

Ambulance and Air Ambulance Crew

 Learn all about British Ambulance and Air crew - how they help us, what they do, how they serve the community and much more...

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Becoming an Astronaut

 What does it take to become an astronaut? How do astronauts train to be in outer space? Readers will learn all about what it's like to become an astronaut. Low-level, chunked text alongside stun..

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Fact, Fiction, and Opinions

 What does it mean to be biased? Emerging readers need to know the differences between facts, fiction and opinions. Readers will also learn how facts, fiction and opinions affect advertisements, ..

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Finding Out About Your Family History

This book, Finding Out About Your Family History, introduces readers to some of the key skills they will need to begin researching their family history and compiling a family tree...

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 Learn all about British Firefighters - how they help us, what they do, how they serve the community and much more...

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Grassland Food Chains

This book explores the food chains and webs that exist in a grassland habitat. It equips readers with crucial vocabulary, using examples from that habitat to explain the roles of producers, consumers ..

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History Around You

This book, History Around You, introduces readers to finding and analyzing primary and secondary sources that they might find at home (old letters, toys in the attic, family photographs, etc.), as wel..

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How Do We Use Light?

The Light All Around Us series introduces young readers to the concept of light, explaining key scientific concepts through a combination of simple, levelled text and stunning photographs. This book l..

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Inclined Planes

 Learn about how an inclined plane works! Beginner readers and budding young scientists will love learning about using simple machines in everyday situations. Along the way, readers will be suppo..

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