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 Escape From The Blitz

I Was There... Escape From The Blitz is the vividly imagined tale of young Betty as she is evacuated from her home in London to the home of the formidable Lady Florence Musgrave. Betty must get used t..

£4.99 £2.50 Ex Tax: £2.50

 Things About Ancient Egypt

Want to know what happened to unscrupulous tomb raiders if they were caught? How long it took to build the majestic pyramids? How embalmers removed the brain when making a gruesome mummy? Discover all..

£6.99 £3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50

 Viking Invasion

I Was There...is a perfect introduction for younger readers into stories from the past, allowing children to imagine that they were really there. I Was There...Viking Invasion is an exciting account o..

£4.99 £2.50 Ex Tax: £2.50

A Dream Of America

The room is so hot it is hard to breathe. My legs ache from pushing the pedals on this machine. My fingers throb from the many times they have been pierced by the needle. I think of home. The cool, gr..

£6.99 £3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50

A Medieval Knight

Richard Marshall is from medieval England a young squire learning to be a knight. We will follow him on his journey learning to joust, fight and how to behave chivalrously. Experiencing, castles under..

£7.99 £3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

A Roman Gladiator

We follow Felix on a journey starting when he was captured in Gaul (France) around AD 180 and taken to Rome to be trained as a Gladiator. We follow the strict training and brutal regime to turn these ..

£7.99 £3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

A Stone Age Hunter

Dar is a teenager who lived around 15,000 years ago during the Upper Palaeolithic era (late stone age). Dar will show us how he hunted, trapped, sheltered, played and lived in the distant past. How to..

£7.99 £3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

A Viking Warrior

Olaf Wildbeard was a young Viking warrior and the son of a local Jarl (earl). We will discover from Olaf s words how the Vikings explored the world, how they trained for battle, their fantastic tradit..

£7.99 £3.99 Ex Tax: £3.99

Ancient Egypt

How did the River Nile shape Egyptian life? What is a shaduf and what was it used for? How did the Ancient Egyptians make papyrus paper? Geography Matters in Ancient Egypt looks at how the Egyptian Em..

£14.99 £7.50 Ex Tax: £7.50

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