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From cocoa beans to factory to shop to home, discover the wonderful world of chocolate! Read about where cocoa beans grow, what difference fair trade chocolate makes to people, why ancient Mayans were..

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Fact, Fiction, and Opinions

 What does it mean to be biased? Emerging readers need to know the differences between facts, fiction and opinions. Readers will also learn how facts, fiction and opinions affect advertisements, ..

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Stay Safe Online

 What does it mean to stay safe online? What exactly is Internet safety? Emerging readers need to know these important concepts. Straightforward, neutral text and vivid photographs provide reader..

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 If supercars are your thing, then you'll love this book. A look at some of the most amazing and iconic supercars in the world. From the incredible Bugatti Veyron Super Sport to classic Lamborg..

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The Party Book


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Why wait for the perfect toys to play with when you can make them yourself - much more cheapily? It's double the fun, as making them is as much fun as playing with them! I love Craft Toys features in..

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What Is Media?

 Media is everywhere! Emerging readers need to know the different types of media, how to interact with media and what exactly media literacy is. Straightforward, neutral text and vivid photograph..

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What's Your Source?

 What exactly is a primary source? How does it compare to other types of sources? Emerging readers need to know the difference. Readers will also be introduced to the concept of plagiarism, how t..

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City Trains

 All aboard! Hop on a city train to see where they go, how they work, and why so many people use trains to get around. Train types include underground trains, elevated railways, and light rail...

ATOS Book Level: 2.1

Point Level: 0.5

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