Blood and Bone

This title is not suitable for primary age children due to inappropriate content.

A secret stash of bones, blood and eyeballs has been discovered, but they're definitely not human... Someone is on a killing spree of endangered animals.Troy and Lexi are going all-out to uncover who ..

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Cricket is an awesome game but how would you play it if you were in the spotlight? The compelling story of Cricket features the storyline that consists of a fun and interactive game, with the essentia..

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Many scary animals that are come across have fangs, but which one has the biggest fangs of all? This educational book is illustrated with real-life images of animals and insects throughout, helping ev..

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Everyone loves to have a jump around and there are especially many animals that love to jump too! The red-banded book, Jump! Is specifically created for every developing reader as they progress throug..

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Lots of Goals

The team are scoring goal after goal with every single one of them taking part in a winning victory, even from all of the fans to the managers. The story of Lots Of Goals is complete with real-life, b..

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Play the Game

Created by Stephen Rickard, Play The Game represents an interactive approach for your students which contains the storyline of a young boy who decides to play a video game. However, you are the reader..

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Super Slashers

 Dinosaurs once ruled this land. But what were they called? How did they hunt? And how did they survive? Suitable for ages 9-13...

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Tops and Caps

A blue cap, red top or a red top, blue cap. Which is which? Tops And Caps is the perfect book to help with the recognition of matching terms to the object itself. This Pink Banded book is suitable for..

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Run, Meg, Run

Run, Meg, Run! Is a story all about Tom and Meg who are competing against each other in a race! Tom is more physically fit than Meg, so who will train the best to become the champion?Suitable for ages..

ATOS Book Level: 0.5

Point Level: 0.5

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