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  • Publisher : Hodder
  • Author : Jenny Oldfield
  • ISBN : 9781444928280
  • Lab Code : 7459
  • Number of pages : 192
  • Series: Dolphin Island


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 Shipwrecked near a tiny island in a vast ocean, the Fisher family are guided to safety by a small pod of dolphins. Fleur, Alfie, Mia and their parents must learn to build shelter, find fresh water and hunt for food.

Each of the children forms a special bond with one of the family of dolphins. Fleur adores the fun-loving, tail-walking Jazz. Mia names her dark-grey dolphin friend Stormy. And Alfie is saved from the shipwreck by Pearl, who always looks out for him.

But the island is far from home and shaken by violent electrical storms. Can the kids and dolphins work together to survive on Dolphin Island?

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