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  • Publisher : Harper Collins
  • Author : Michael Rosen & Jonathan Langley
  • ISBN : 9780007769919
  • Lab Code : 8106
  • Number of pages : 24
  • Series: Harper Collins Children's Books


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A very wriggly piglet, with a very prickly problem!

Piggy Piglet just can’t sleep, and as he wriggles, jiggles and rolls around, he comes across something very prickly. Ouch!

In this story, the character of Piggy Piglet needs all the help he can get from the farmyard animals, so they can all get to the bottom (literally!) of what is hurting him in the first place.

Filled with humour and teamwork, the story of Oww! Is the perfect read to create many laughs either in the classroom or in the home as we all find out what happens to this adorable piggy.