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Fazbear Frights #5 Bunny Call

  • Publisher : Scholastic
  • Author : Scott Cawthon
  • ISBN : 9781338576047
  • Lab Code : 1590
  • Number of pages : 212
  • ATOS Book Level : 5.5
  • Points Value : 8.0
  • Book Cover : Paperback
  • Series : Five Nights At Freddy's

This title contains content which may be considered inappropriate for primary aged children

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When left in darkness, rage festers. Years of frustration with his family culminate in a loathsome vacation for Bob, who plots a sinister prank to frighten his wife and kids. Matt redirects the residual anger over his many failed relationships into a video game, and ends up birthing the horrible consequences. In room 1280 of Heracles Hospital, something evil is keeping a man alive, a man with gruesome burns all over his

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Bunny Call
Fazbear Frights #5 Bunny Call
Original price was: £7.99.Current price is: £3.99.