Primary Book Bands

Primary schools up and down the country use book band groups to help easily identify both fiction, and non-fiction books for a specific reading ability. Applying a coloured book band to a book means that children have free choice to independently choose a book they want to read when their teacher assigns them a colour to look out for. Children are much more likely to want to read a book of their choosing, so this system is great for creating an interest and a love for books and reading. >>

Bad Dog & No, Nell, No!

 Bad DogDog wants to sit somewhere but he is muddy!No, Nell, No!Nell goes on a picnic but she wants to eat other things...

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Bam-Boo and I Wish

Half price latest Key stage 1 paperback fiction titles. Next day delivery...

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Buzz and Jump! Jump!

Half price latest Key stage 1 paperback fiction novels, book banded. Next day delivery...

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Cool Duck and Lots of Hats.

Half price latest key stage 1 paperback fiction novels, book banded. Next day delivery...

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Knight in Training: To the Rescue!

A funny, exciting series for younger readers, by the bestselling Vivian French and David Melling.Sam J. Butterbiggins has one wish: to become a Very Noble Knight. But he's been packed off to his aunt ..

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Meg and Rat & Puff! Puff! Puff!

 Meg and RatMeg has got a big map. What will she find?Puff! Puff! Puff!Nat is having a picnic. Everyone wants to go!..

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Ned in Bed and Fun at the Park

 Ned in BedNed is in bed but some animals want to be in bed too!Fun at the ParkIt is lots of fun to go up and down at the park!..

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Sam the Star & Clown Fun

 Sam the StarThe sheep do a show. What will Sam do?Clown Fun!Max is a clown for the day. What will happen next?..

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Seeds & Stuck in the Tree

 SeedsTim and Pip plant seeds. How big will they grow?Stuck in the TreeKit is stuck in the tree. Who will get him down?..

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