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What Are Star Assessments?

Bridging Assessment and Teaching

In this ever-increasing technological society, Star Assessments from Renaissance Learning are an ideal way for Educational Establishments to track every student’s process for Maths, Reading and Early Literacy along the learning pathway by using this fully adaptive and interactive computer program. Already used by 6,000 primary and secondary schools and one million pupils across England and Ireland; the beauty of Star Assessments is that they provide a quick and easy flexible way of tracking student and class progress that can be seen and compared at a glance onscreen.

The reliable data that Star Assessments provide clearly details the progress being made by each student and whether they are on track to meet expected educational standards. The dashboard uses instructional planning screens to inform teachers where each student is in the Curriculum, identifying what pupils already know and if any intervention is necessary so that teaching plans can be adapted accordingly.

The Benefits of Star Assessments

Time & Labour Saving

An entire classroom of students can be scanned within 20 minutes! Everything is carried out with child-friendly technology – no literal marking is required; saving time that is precious in the modern classroom!

Instant results are provided and teachers can immediately see the differentiation in comparing their class as a whole and each student as an individual learner.

Provides Learning Plans With One Simple Test

One test and one scale are all that is needed to use Star Assessments from elementary class to the end of secondary school. The clear results also mean that each student has their own individual plan of learning and based on their personal results.

Provides Accurate Student and Class Placement

Star Assessments provide the means to be able to keep not only individual pupils but the class as a whole “on target” to meet their Year Group and age-related expectations. Depending on where they are on the scale; Star Assessments acts as a one glance teaching plan where learning can be adapted and personalised to ensure pupils are continuing to make the necessary progress in order to all meet their expected standards of education. Assessments also identify where each student stands in the Curriculum and what they should be learning next.


Helps to Improve Parental Communication

Parent reports provided can help teachers to explain children’s individual results and the help they need at school and home for optimal educational growth.

Predict SAT Results with a High Rate of Accuracy

Renaissance Learning has carried out extensive research revealing that the Star Assessments testing program can accurately predict the results that pupils will receive in their SAT testing. Pupils “Star scores” were compared with their SAT results ensuring 89% accuracy in Maths, 79% in reading and 82% in Spelling and Grammar (SPaG). A full research report is available on our website www.renlearn.co.uk but it’s immediately apparent that the results of this research reveal that Star Assessments is an extremely important and useful tool to use in a time where it has become increasingly difficult to predict results of national testing since the changes made in 2016.

The Star Assessment Range Consists Of Three Assessments:-

Renaissance Star Reading

This is a complete online assessment of your pupils reading growth; aligned with the national curriculum and catering for all students from SEN to high-achievers. The results of the assessment reveal not only the reading skills mastered but the skills each student needs to focus on to meet (or exceed) expected educational standards.

Renaissance Star Maths

This is a fully computer-adaptive program using sophisticated item calibration and psychometrics that adjust dynamically to the responses of each child. The assessments can be taken at any time of the school year and as often as required. Star Maths incorporates Core Progress™ learning progressions to follow the new national curriculum.

Renaissance Star Early Literacy

This quick and easy to use assessment accurately assesses 41 skill sets in ten key literacy and numeracy domains to provide immediate and reliable feedback so that teachers can better plan their lessons to suit the individual needs of their readers to ensure national educational standards continue to be met.

How Do The Assessments Work?

Star’s skill-based questions determine mastery within skill domains which are charted on the Core Progress learning progressions built for the national curriculum in collaboration with the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

How Do I Find Out More?

Please visit the Renaissance Learning website to build a quotation or book an online demonstration at www.renlearn.co.uk.

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