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Our Best Early Reader books

Instilling a love of reading early on in life is the perfect way to ensure an ongoing addiction to books. It is important therefore to make sure that our children are engaged by the first ever books we ask them to read. Whilst it is, of course, important that these early reading books focus on simple, repetitive language to help children learn the art of reading, it is also essential that a child’s first books will be colourful, vibrant and exciting. In this blog we are showcasing four sets of fabulous early reader books that we believe will fully engage children thanks to their bold, colourful illustrations and fun stories.

Maverick Early Readers

Maverick is a young but rapidly expanding company who seek to offer a lovely variety of truly engaging children’s books. Maverick books are packed with high-quality, vibrant and colourful graphics that offer something a little different with regards to the use of the language to tell the story. They attempt to avoid a stunted repetition of phonics and instead focus on a more natural use of English to establish a flow in the story. Helpfully, audio is also available in some of the book bands to help children with the expression of language. Here are some examples of Mavericks early readers:

Bad Dog and No, Nell, No!

This is a pink band, level 1 book. It enables the newest readers to use simple CVC words and begin to understand the meaning of a comma and an exclamation mark. Bad Dog is the story of a mischievous dog that wants to sit and rest somewhere but is covered in mud, cue lots of chuckles from children. The second story No, Nell, No! is all about a cheeky goat who goes on a picnic, but she chooses to eat the things that she shouldn’t. Fun and frolics for a child’s first exploration into reading.

Bam- Boo and I Wish

The red band reading book, Bam-Boo follows a panda who likes to hide. Children will have great fun trying to find him. I Wish is an enchanting story about a magic wishing well. Children will love to find out what the princess wishes for and talk about their own wishes.

Buzz and Jump! Jump!

This red band reading book contains 60 to 90 words per story and eases children into the world of reading. In Buzz, a child is trying to work out what the buzzing noise is. What will your child guess? Jump! Jump! is a bouncy tale that bounds around after Ken the kangaroo.

Can I Have my Ball Back?

With a few more words in each story, yellow band offers straightforward stories with a few more surprises. In Can I have my ball back? Mr Rickett, the inventor, is continually interrupted by the children next door.

Engage Literacy (Raintree)

Engage literacy by Raintree is an award-winning reading scheme designed to enable children to read independently, with a parent or as part of a guided reading session. Carefully and accurately banded, this reading scheme offers steady progression for readers with plenty of support for teachers and is accompanied by a selection of helpful resources. Illustrations are engaging and vibrant, offering encouragement to children to keep on reading.

The Big Mud Puddle

The big mud puddle is part of the yellow series. Watch the characters jump joyfully in muddy puddles whilst enjoying the story by using slightly more challenging phonics.

Lea is Hungry

Lea is hungry is banded red for a reading age of around 4 to 5 years. Children will explore new vocabulary whilst finding out what Lea will prepare for her healthy snack.

Max & The Balloons

Another yellow banded book, Max and the Balloons offers children the opportunity to learn new words whilst enjoying colourful illustrations of balloons.

Min Monkey

A red banded book incorporating lovely colourful pictures of Min the Monkey, this vibrant story is carefully targeted at children of nursery and reception age.

Bloomsbury Young Readers

Bloomsbury young readers offer sets of books that are sure to encourage a child’s enthusiasm for reading. Comprised of books by well-known authors such as Julia Donaldson, they offer content that children will get excited about. Bloomsbury young readers offer contemporary and colourful illustrations for children and cover notes for adults to help them assist their children to get the most out of the books.

Cereal Superfan

Clever use of words by famous author Julia Donaldson makes Cereal Superfan a delight to read. Children will love to find out whether Stephen Rice can win himself a lifetime supply of his favourite breakfast treats.

It Wasn’t Me

The hero of It Wasn’t Me is Alfie Braithwaite. After each household disaster, Alfie blames the catastrophe on Dave, the gremlin that lives in his sock drawer. Will anyone ever believe him? Not only is this imaginative, but also lots of fun.

Pet Quest

This story will strike a chord with children who are desperate for a pet. Harvey lives in a small flat and his dad says there isn’t enough space for an animal. Find out whether Harvey will ever find a creature small enough to keep.

Sports Day

Exploring the crisis of confidence that sometimes accompanies sports day, join Emmie to learn more about the fun that can be had at sports day, even if you don’t win.

Orion Children’s Books

Orion early reading children’s books aim to help children understand the escapism that books can offer. Famous faces such as Horrid Henry bring joy and excitement to new readers.

Horrid Henry and the Fangmangler

This funny and enjoyable story is a great start for early readers. Bridging the gap between picture books and reading books, young children will love to share this book with both parents and teachers alike.

Horrid Henry’s Stinkbomb

What child doesn’t find a stink bomb hilarious? This funny and deliciously horrid early reader book from the brilliant author Francesca Simon will have your child speeding through the pages.

Belinda and the Bears go Shopping

This lovely riff on the traditional story of the Three Bears will give children the confidence to try and read alone, however reluctant they might be.

Weird Spooky Day

Part of the Weirdibeasts series, the Weirdibeasts enjoy the strangest Halloween ever. Set around themes that will delight and excite children, this early reader is sure to be a hit.

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