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Reasons to Buy From Laburnum House Educational

Laburnum House Educational has been providing books to schools for over 25 years, our core business model revolves around fast and thorough customer service. We have vast experience within the education sector and have worked very closely with teachers to satisfy orders. Amongst our range, you can find a huge range of books specially designed for Primary School pupils. 

Let’s take a look at some of the specific reasons you should consider Laburnum House Educational when buying your school books. 

Everything is Half Price

Amongst our fantastic range of books, you can find fiction, non-fiction, dictionaries and new titles, the list goes on. But as well as offering such a huge selection for you to choose from, we also offer all of these books at half price! This is a fantastic offer that you do not tend to find on other book supplier websites. 

No Credit Card Required

If you are the one in charge of ordering the essentials at your school, you will understand that it can be frustrating trying to get that company card of the boss. Well, at Laburnum House, we pride ourselves on having a no credit card policy. All of our orders are invoiced to your school, making the process a lot more simple. 

Free Delivery Opportunity

We have many delivery options available, depending on your circumstances. We offer Free next day delivery if you spend over £50, however, you have to place your order before 3pm. It is important to remember that we can only deliver to school addresses, any orders to private addresses will not be processed. 

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a computer program that is specifically designed to help students and teachers gauge the level at which children can read independently. The process is, children will choose their own book from the Renaissance selection, they then take a quiz to show that they have understood the contents of the book. This process is great for teachers because it gives them a real insight into how students read, and where they need help. Find out more about Accelerated Readers here. 

Different Ways to Order

You can order your books via the website, we have 4,000 books to choose from; Fiction, Non-Fiction, Accelerated Readers, Book Bands, Oxford Dictionaries & Thesauruses. All of our orders are supplied in 1 bulk delivery with 1 invoice, reducing work for the school because they don’t have to process lots of small orders.

We also have a catalogue, which allows you to choose from pre-selected titles to suit varying budgets. These have been selected by book bands and Accelerated Reader levels.

We can send you books to your school on approval to look through at your leisure. Selecting the books you want and then we will collect the unwanted books free of charge. 

All of our options allow you to choose the way that suits your purchasing requirements, we will then supply the books at half price. 

We hope the reasons above help with your decision when it comes to choosing the book supplier for your business.

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