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Mission Improbable

  • Publisher : Stripes
  • Author : Andy Robb
  • ISBN : 9781847153647
  • Lab Code : 6391
  • Number of pages : 352
  • ATOS Book Level : 5.1
  • Points Value : 11
  • Series: Geek Hood

This title is not suitable for primary age children due to inappropriate content.


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Archie is a Geek to his core – and despite having a Close Encounter with Sarah at the beginning of term, he’s still completely clueless about girls. Enter Clare – an older woman (she’s sixteen) who Archie meets on his weekend trip to see his dad and his nightmare step-mum, Jane. Clare and Archie hit it off – and she comes up with a brilliant, foolproof way to get their crushes to notice them: pretend to be going out with one another! What can possibly go wrong? With school, Sarah, a fake girlfriend and his insane family to deal with, Archie and his mates step-up the nerdiness and go Live Action Role-play gaming. Ladies and gentlemen, we are entering a new era…

A warm, witty tale of being a teenage geek, Geekhood captures the awkwardness of being a teenager perfectly. Geekhood has won huge acclaim and deserves a place in the heart of any teenager with even slightly geeky leanings.