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Haircut and just a nibble

  • Publisher : Hodder
  • Author : Paul Jennings
  • ISBN : 9781444921274
  • Lab Code : 3942
  • Number of pages : 272
  • Series: Don't look now


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Ricky is an ordinary boy, about 10 years old, who dreams of being famous. And he has a secret that might just help him realise this dream. Because Ricky can fly. Truly. He can really fly. But there’s a hitch. He can only fly when absolutely no one is looking. If a person, or an animal, or a bird sees him while he’s flying, he will fall out of the sky and almost certainly die. Will he risk flying in public, just for a shot at being something more than ordinary? The third book in this brilliant new series contains two complete stand-alone stories, broken into short chapters, liberally illustrated with hilarious cartoons.

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Haircut and just a nibble
Haircut and just a nibble