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Adaptation and Survival

Adaptation and Survival introduces the key concept of adaptation through fun, engaging and detailed descriptions of great white sharks' camouflage, giraffes' extremely long tongue and lots more. Brigh..

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Animal Classification

Animal Classifications introduces how Earth's animals can be classified and divided in many ways, from reptiles to vertebrates. Readers are introduced to animal classification in an easy-to-understand..

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Asteroids, comets and Meteors

Learn the answers to these questions and many more fascinating facts about asteroids, comets and meteors in this stunning book from QED. Through straightforward sentence structure and enlighteni..

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Beyond the Solar System

 Take a journey far beyond our solar system's outer planets. Learn all about distant galaxies that are light years away. And find out about the incredible technology behind how we know about them..

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Earth and Mars

How many layers does Planet Earth have? And why do we have different seasons? What are the Mars rovers and why does Mars look red? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this fasc..

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 Who first discovered static and how was this important? What is an LED? This fascinating book looks at the historical controversies that surround the discovery and theories of electricity and te..

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 Where did human beings come from? Why is there such a huge variety of living things on Earth? The theory of evolution answers these and many more questions we may have on where we come from and ..

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Experiments With Electricity

Explore the world of electricity with engaging text, real life examples and fun, safe step-by-step experiments. This book brings the science of electricity to life, explaining the concepts then gettin..

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Experiments With Forces

Read and Experiment is an engaging series that uses fun experiments to introduce children to analytical thinking, scientific concepts and experimental procedures. Through fun, carefully designed exper..

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