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Gulliver's Travels - Graffex

This work takes readers to Lillput and beyond! Ship's surgeon Lemuel Gulliver's mishaps and adventures just get stranger and stranger! Gasp at folks with wild philosophies and even more intriguing sta..

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Oxford Combined School Dictionary & Thesaurus

The Oxford School Dictionary & Thesaurus combines a comprehensive dictionary at the top of the page with a companion thesaurus at the bottom, for the upper primary student moving into secondary sc..

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Oxford Mini School Dictionary & Thesaurus


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Oxford School Dictionary Hardback

A major new edition of the trusted, bestselling, comprehensive Oxford School Dictionary with new curriculum support. This fantastic new edition will boost your children's vocabulary with new words and..

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Oxford School Dictionary Paperback

The Oxford School Dictionary is newly available in a two-colour paperback edition with all the text of the bestselling hardback and more. Each entry contains clear definitions, numbered meanings, word..

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Oxford School Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar Dictionary

The first part is a reference section of simple rules, tips, and examples to help students spell, punctuate, and write correctly in school, in exams, and at home. This divides into three sections - Sp..

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Oxford School Thesaurus Hardback

The Oxford School Thesaurus is comprehensive and easy to use. Each entry is in alphabetical order, with its word class and a broad range of imaginative synonyms with supporting example sentences. Guid..

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Oxford School Thesaurus Paperback

The Oxford School Thesaurus is newly available in paperback. It has all the text of the hardback with thousands of synonyms and up-to-date example sentences. Each entry is in alphabetical order, with ..

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School Report very funny poems about school !

Half price children's fiction available from Laburnum House Educational..

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