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Cool Duck and Lots of Hats

The “Cool Duck” helps all of his friends cool down on a hot summers day, whilst in “Lots Of Hats” a dog appears to have on many hats! In this set of two highly humorous stories includes the intricate ..

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Many scary animals that are come across have fangs, but which one has the biggest fangs of all? This educational book is illustrated with real-life images of animals and insects throughout, helping ev..

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Go, Nan, Go! and On a Log

Its sports day and nan has decided to take part in a race, but will she win? And On A Log features a band of animals who all love to sit on a log, they decide to play a game to see if they can all fit..

£5.99 £2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

I Can Get It and Hop In!

Mal has lost his balloon! Will he be able to find it again and if he does, who has found it for him? Alongside the story of “Hop In”. Dan is in his car but all of the animals want to join him too, how..

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I Eat Fruit

This sensory book goes beyond the naming, throughout includes flaps that are just like the peeling of a fruit, revealing the intricate pips, stones and seeds which are contained within them. “I Eat Fr..

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I Eat Vegetables

Aimed for children of the ages 2 and over, “I Eat Vegetables” introduces every young student into the importance of vegetables and what they contain. Each page shows the specific name, that they will ..

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Ned in Bed and Fun at the Park

Uniquely illustrated to engage every young reader within their English learning, Ned In Bed introduces the character of Ned who is in his bed but some animals want to join him too! Fun At The Park is ..

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Pink & Red Book Band Collection 2019

These 31 carefully selected pink and red book banded texts have been created into this easily purchasable pack for your convenienceBaby Ducks AR: LY 0.9Bad Dog And No, Nell, No!Bam-Boo And I wishBuzz ..

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Play the Game

Created by Stephen Rickard, Play The Game represents an interactive approach for your students which contains the storyline of a young boy who decides to play a video game. However, you are the reader..

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