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 The Power Of Advertising

This book helps children to develop critical thinking and debating skills. It examines the topic of advertising in a lively and accessible way. Information is presented to help readers deliberate, deb..

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25 Women Who Dared to Go

 From the fearless to the feared, discover 25 women who dared. Dared to conquer their dreams, win wars, discover sights unseen and more. Readers will learn about bold women who were determined to..

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25 Women Who Fought Back

 Discover 25 women who challenged the status quo and fought for what they believed in. From all corners of the world, these women show us that barriers are meant to be broken and obstacles can be..

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Beyond the Solar System

 Take a journey far beyond our solar system's outer planets. Learn all about distant galaxies that are light years away. And find out about the incredible technology behind how we know about them..

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Bigfoot, Nessie and other Unexplained Creatures

Legendary creatures abound. From Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster to Mothman and the Chupacabra, sightings of mystifying beings have spanned the globe throughout the ages. Paranormal Handbooks presen..

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Cats and Curses

The fourth title in the brilliant mystery adventure series by Waterstones Book Prize shortlisted author, Elen Caldecott. For fans of the Laura Marlin Mysteries by Lauren St John. Meet Piotr, Minnie..

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Dark Red Book Band Collection 2018

 This carefully selected pack contains 21 Dark Red book banded titles. CATS AND CURSES    INVISIBLE ENEMY  SPOOKS AND SCOOTERS  STRANDED  SUPER SCARY ..

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 Who first discovered static and how was this important? What is an LED? This fascinating book looks at the historical controversies that surround the discovery and theories of electricity and te..

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 Where did human beings come from? Why is there such a huge variety of living things on Earth? The theory of evolution answers these and many more questions we may have on where we come from and ..

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