How To Betray A Dragon's Hero

How To Betray A Dragon's Hero

  • Publisher: Hodder
  • Author: Cressida Cowell
  • Series: How To Train Your Dragon
  • ISBN: 9781444913989
  • Laburnum Code: 107
  • Book Type: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 398
  • Accelerated Reader Level: 6.2
  • Points Value: 8.0
£6.99 £3.50 Ex Tax: £3.50

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is a smallish Viking with a longish name. Hiccup's father is chief of the Hairy Hooligan tribe which means Hiccup is the Hope and the Heir to the Hairy Hooligan throne - but most of the time Hiccup feels like a very ordinary boy, finding it hard to be a Hero.

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