Fingerprint Evidence

Fingerprint Evidence

  • Publisher: Raintree
  • Author: Amy Kortuem
  • Series: Crime Solvers
  • ISBN: 9781474763332
  • Laburnum Code: 10781
  • Book Type: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32
  • Accelerated Reader Level: 4.4
  • Points Value: 0.5
£8.99 £4.50 Ex Tax: £4.50

A robbery has occurred. At first glance, it looks as though nothing was left behind. But when fingerprint analysts arrive, they use a special light to find latent fingerprints. Find out about the techniques and tools fingerprint analysts use to help bring even the toughest cases to a close. A limited text load and a close photo-text match makes these books perfect for supporting older but struggling readers.

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