Accelerated Reader Girls Fiction Middle Years 3.9-5.5

Accelerated Reader Girls Fiction Middle Years 3.9-5.5

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  • Accelerated Reader Level: 4.1
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A selection of 22 books aimed at girls at Accelerated Reader middle years 3.9-5.5

Cherry Blossom Dreams MY 5.5

Date With Destiny MY 5.2  

Diamond MY 5.5

Electrigirl MY 4.1

Electrigirl And The Deadly Swarm MY 3.9

Electrigirl And The Invisible Theives MY 4.4

Emerald Star MY 5.3

Emily Sparks And The Friendship Fiasco MY 5.4

Flip-Flop Club: Whale Song  MY 4.5  

Hetty Feather MY 5.1

Lightning girl: Superhero Squad MY .54

Lightning Girl MY 5.5 

Little Stars MY 5.3

Million Dollar Mates MY 4.6

My Funny Family Gets Funnier MY 4.0 

My Sister The Vampire Flipping Out

MY Sister The Vampire Switched MY 5.0  

MY Sister The Vampire Flying Solo MY 5.2  

Paparazzi Princess  MY 4.3

Starring Tracy Beaker MY 4.9

Sweet Honey MY 5.0

The Naughtiest Girl In The School MY 4.6

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