The Freezosaurus

The Freezosaurus

  • Publisher: Maverick
  • Author: Jenny Jinks
  • Series: Maverick Early Reader
  • ISBN: 9781848863897
  • Laburnum Code: 10071
  • Book Type: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32
£5.99 £2.99 Ex Tax: £2.99

 After a trip to the museum, Freddie accidentally takes home a dinosaur egg that he'd cracked. What he doesn't expect is for the egg to hatch on the way home! After seeing the Dinosaur freeze Freddie's water solid, he decides to call him Frozo. The two of them have a lot of fun but Frozo begins to get too big to fit in Freddie's freezer and his mum finds out. They decide it would be best for Frozo to live somewhere with lots of space for him to be free and, after a tearful goodbye, Frozo goes to live in a mountain reserve. But the best part is that Freddie still gets to see Frozo whenever he wants.

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